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Dissertation Introduction Chapter: The Easiest Way to Write

The Simplest Strategy to Use to Write Introduction Chapter

For a PhD scholar to compose a strong introduction for a dissertation, they must have set ample time aside for more than one draft. The introductory part is one of the first chapters of your project that appears immediately after the abstract. It introduces the reader to the researcher’s work by providing the purpose and focus of the research.

The dissertation introduction chapter must include the listed below content.

The Context and Topic

It is essential to start by explaining your topic of study and offer some background information about it. A way to ensure that your dissertation generates interest, it is vital to contextualize it by exhibiting why it is crucial. This can be achieved by linking it to a common problem or relevant news.

Objectives and Questions

These are the main driving force behind your dissertation. Questions enable the reader to prepare for information that will be studied. The topic and discipline of the study influence the items. Hypotheses can be formed here but can also be included later after the literature review.

Importance and Relevance of the Research

It is always good to briefly explain why the chosen area of study is of any significance. The research has to show what new ideas or insights it would bring, the relationship it has with previous analyses done on the same topic, and why you also chose the topic. Offer a short overview of the current state of the research and state how your research will improve it.

Scope and Focus

Briefly, after introducing your area of concern in the study, limit your attention to a specific topic of the research. A broad problem statement will only result in getting sidetracked or encountering a problem that is too huge to find a solution within your dissertation.

Dissertation Structure Overview

To better help the reader understand the dissertation, a comprehensive breakdown of the whole study should be provided, showing a summary of each section. It should also show how different chapters relate to each other. Every part can briefly be explained in about two sentences, but complex research topics may require up to a paragraph.

The Limitations

Since a dissertation is crafted based on the set budget, limitations will undoubtedly be encountered. To avoid such issues, it is crucial to predict them so that future researchers can find solutions. This section should hence show ways in which your study was limited. This can be in terms of resources, e.g., money or the method of research.

To write a good dissertation introduction chapter one must do the following:

  1. Make it brief and not extensive to avoid losing the attention of the reader.
  2. Begin with a scintillating sentence to capture the attention of the reader.
  3. Highlight an overview of what to expect.
  4. Make sure every written fact is correct and not a ploy to attract the reader.

The dissertation introduction chapter is the gateway of the viewer to your study. Make sure to make it interesting, easily understandable, and full of facts to make it appealing.

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