How to write an essay in English?

Essay is one of the most challenging tasks. You have to express your thoughts, express your position, identify the pros and cons of any phenomenon – and that is not a foreign language. Essay writing is not easy even in Russian, but if you have mastered the essence of essay writing, then you will write a good essay in any language you know.


To write an essay in English, you must first learn how to write the attached texts in a foreign language. Of course, this requires a certain level of language proficiency, but you probably already have that if you are asked to do this job. Now we have to find out what to do with it. First, you need to learn to think in language so that you can write down your thoughts later on. Secondly, you need to read as much as possible, preferably in the original: usually, when reading many languages, it is easier to express your thoughts. Do not be afraid if you are not good at first: write in a foreign language.

When working directly on the essay text, write a plan that will summarize all your thoughts on a particular topic. Add everything you can say. Adjust these elements so that your essay does not cause logic. If you get too many good thoughts, look at which ones are the most appropriate for this topic: the essay is not a treatise, you don’t have to write here anything you know and come up with. It is enough to provide basic information. The short, as we know, is the sister of talents.

Adapt the plan to the classic essay scheme: introduction, main part, conclusions. In the main part, remember to describe the advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you are given a “Kindergarten” theme, please describe the advantages and disadvantages of the kindergarten in the essay, tell us whether to give the child a kindergarten. Do not forget the evidence: mention your own experience, the experience of friends or acquaintances who have already started their children in kindergarten.

Don’t forget about style. The essay corresponds to the type of speech “reasoning”, so no one wants to describe the kindergarten where the child was held, the play rooms and the bedrooms for a long time. No one expects you and plot with your furious and small symbols. The style should be publicistic, a number of introductory words, words that express the author’s opinion, and specific expressions that distinguish one argument from another, and a line of thought (first, second, beginning, conclusion, etc.).

An essay is not a free announcement on a free topic, it has its own peculiarities and its own rules, so in this kind of task you do not like originality. But still try to add something of your own, special expression, to use all your creative potential to make the text boring. Believe me, the teacher will appreciate it if it is a good teacher and it is important for him not only to put the magazine plus that the student has passed the task, but also to evaluate his players from different sides.