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The most famous British universities 

Britain is famous not only for world-renowned actors or singers, for its masterpieces of cuisine, for its impressive tourist attractions, but also for educational institutions. Frequent Lithuanians could list at least a few Jr. British University Names, But Do You Know How To Start A Study For A Hundred Years ago At Oxford University? How many libraries does Cambridge University have? What famous fellow citizens have studied and worked at the University of London? You will soon learn the answers to these questions.

University of Birmingham

Birmingham University, a city in Birmingham, is today considered to be one of the most prominent J. British state universities. However, the name of the university was not given to this institution at once – the history of this institution began with the establishment of a medical school in 1825. After a while, it didn’t change again – the institution was named after the College of Masonry and only in 1900 was the name of the university. Currently, the University has 5 colleges, and there are scholarship sciences such as David Kelly, Paul Nurse, Simon Le Bon.

Cambridge University

It is one of the oldest and most respected educational institutions of this type. The University is rich not only with faculties (there are as many as 150 faculties) but also with other facilities: it has 31 colleges, 9 museums and 114 libraries. In the list of graduates of a research institute with about 6000 employees, we can find the names of the following personalities: Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, as well as 89 Nobel laureates.

University of London

It is one of the largest universities in the country, boasting a particularly high number of students, with more than 150,000 studying at this university, while over 4,000 thousands of them study remotely. This university has a number of colleges and institutes, and has successfully graduated from John Kennedy, Elton John, David Livingstone, Mahatma Gandhi. We can also be pleased that many of our countrymen have worked and studied at this university. Among them – Armin Lydeka (political scientist); Rimantas Kačianauskas (habilitated doctor of technology sciences); Elena Gaputytė (sculptor).

University of Oxford

The learning institution has been established so long ago that only approximate data on the time from which the studies started to run is about 1096 years. At present, the University has more than 20,000 students.

University of Salford

Established in 1896, the University is special in that it offers a large number of young people from other countries – Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia, Nigeria, China, Pakistan. Currently, there are 4 faculties, and every year there is a huge amount of money to improve the infrastructure.